Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I got a haircut this afternoon for 25 Cordobas, which is equivalent to $1.50. I had been meaning to get my hair cut before coming down to Nicaragua but was too busy. Then I had my surfing accident which left a mark on my forehead all last week. Now that my head is healed, I was ready for the haircut.

Turns out there's a barbershop just one block from the house where I'm staying. And I thought the barber did an excellent job. He used electric clippers on the back and the sides, used scissors on top, and then he shaved my sideburns and back of my head with a real razor. I was a bit concerned about disease transmission as I watched him shave someone else while I was waiting my turn. But then he showed me how he uses a brand-new razor blade for each customer to prevent the spread of SIDA (as AIDS is called in Spanish). I was impressed with this public health awareness, especially when the barber is charging so little for each haircut and the cost of new blades for each customer must erode his bottom line.

I also played Monopolio this afternoon with Alan. The game was funny because the street names were in French but the cards were in Spanish. I'd say we were about tied when a gust of wind came along and scattered our money all over the patio - thus putting an end to the game.


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