Monday, July 17, 2006

An Island Adventure

Just got back from Isla de Ometepe early this afternoon. It was quite a journey. From the hostel where I stayed last night, it's a long, slow bus ride over muddy dirt roads to reach the town of Moyogalpa where the ferry departs. The ferry ride to San Jorge is an hour, and from there it's a 20 minute ride to Rivas from where you can get a bus to Managua. I got on the bus at 5:30am in front of my hostel. Didn't get back to Managua until 1pm. Quite a trip.

But it was much fun - monkeys, volcanoes, swimming, horses, waterfalls, lots of pigs, and a good amount of rain.

I don't have much time to write now, but hope to update the blog with details by tomorrow.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous rachel said...

Jamie! You look good on that horse. Nice.

This summer I've been taking riding lessons at the Smith barn.

Emmet is growing beautiful.

Your adventure is fun to read about.

When do you come home to Greenfield?



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